Our enduring environmental stewardship program is carried out across the Laboratory’s 36 square miles.

Every day dedicated people across the Lab work to ensure we continue to be good stewards of the environment, effective trustees of our lands and resources, and proactively manage our environmental impacts to create a healthy and sustainable future.

At the Laboratory, we strive for simultaneous excellence. That’s the need for excellence in nuclear security; science, technology, and engineering; operations; and community relations to solve national security challenges. Our commitment to enduring environmental stewardship helps us toward achieving that goal. It frames how we approach our work today, tomorrow, and decades into the future with the understanding that we have a shared responsibility and that we must meet these challenges together. 

This commitment to enduring environmental stewardship drives us to continue to enable and improve: 

  • Communications and outreach
  • National security mission support
  • Proactively managing wastes, discharges, and releases to the environment
  • Being a responsible partner for entrusted resources
  • Energy and water sustainably
  • Effective and resilient land stewardship