Patricia E. Gallagher Environmental Awards

The Patricia E. Gallagher Environmental Awards, a LANL awards program,  program recognizes exemplary achievement in waste reduction, improved waste management, innovation that leads to environmental improvement, and environmental education at LANL. Employees can nominate others and be nominated to receive an award certificate and a monetary award based on their award level.

Department of Energy Sustainability Awards

The DOE Sustainability Awards program focuses on recognizing and rewarding achievements met by DOE facilities in regards to sustainability. While the award categories have changed over the years, the focus has been on sustainable practices like saving energy and water, reducing pollution, reducing waste, and creating resiliency, as seen in the list of LANL awards below:

  • DOE Change Agent award in 2012
  • Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention award in 2013
  • Innovative Approach to Sustainability in 2018
  • Sustainability Champion (Patricia E Gallagher) in 2018
  • Sustainability Champion and an Honorable Mention in 2019
  • Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability in 2019
  • Sustainability Champion in 2021.

GreenBuy Awards

The GreenBuy Award Program emphasizes and awards purchasing Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) at DOE sites. With the Priority Products list created by DOE, sites are encouraged to purchase energy efficient, water efficient, recycled, and biobased products. DOE sites can qualify for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level within the GreenBuy Award. Sites can also be awarded multiple times to become Prime, Superior, and/or Elite status. From 2016 through 2019, LANL was awarded the GreenBuy Gold for our “green purchasing” achievements.

Sustainable Climate Ready Sites (SCRS)

LANL’s Sustainability Program assisted with the Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security’s (EHSS) Sustainable Climate Ready Sites (SCRS) Task Team to develope a SCRS program. The SCRS has a three pillar approach:

  • Sustainability
  • Ecology and Natural Resources
  • Environmental Planning and Implementation

In the future, SCRS intends to award sites for their success and help sites better visualize their progress towards sustainability. By learning and collaborating with other sites through SCRS, sustainability goals can be achieved on both local and Federal levels.