The Electronic Public Reading Room (EPRR) contains Los Alamos documents required for compliance with environmental regulations and permits. Other documents that deal with environmental issues are included in EPRR.The documents are browsable by category and regulatory type. Documents added within the last 30 days are viewable via a "New Records in EPRR" link. Documents may be searched using subjects, authors, title, full text or document numbers.

Regulatory type and regulatory agency have been assigned to records starting in 2011.

Full text searching is a compliance requirement beginning in 2011. Full text extraction for the older documents is also available.

EPRR is updated as new documents are received.

This Electronic Reading Room has many options for downloading documents and receiving notifications when new documents appear. For details, see the "Help" section.

Hard copy

Public Reading Room
94 Cities of Gold Road
Pojoaque, NM